Donna Sirianni - Creator and Executive Producer

Donna Sirianni loves to explore the possibilities of life and turn them into reality for herself and for others. Her mission is to inspire others in realizing their true potential in creating a grateful, exciting, fulfilling life. She applied this mission when choosing to enter the educational profession as a high school teacher, in order to inspire and guide hundreds of students over almost a decade. She also mentored many incoming student teachers in the educational field. Donna Sirianni has received numerous accolades in the press as an educator and was an innovator in many programs brought to the school to raise the level of awareness in science education. Donna eventually took "the show on the road" throughout New York State, speaking at seminars and conducting workshops, helping her colleagues take the "theories" of meaningful educational practices and helping them to "apply" methods in the classroom so that these "theories" may become a "reality" in their teaching.

After having a fulfilling experience in directing a school play, Donna saw the potential that theatre, film and television has in making a difference in people's lives. One line…said just one way…has the power to open people's minds and hearts and can send their life in a totally different direction. Donna then took her life in a totally different direction through pursuing acting and producing. Although Donna decided to embark upon a different field, the goal was still the same- to inspire as many people as possible! Through the media, she now has the opportunity to reach millions as an example as to what is possible. She is documenting her real-time journey in becoming an actress who will act in and produce meaningful projects that will inspire others in living extraordinary lives. Again, the continuous thread of her life is being one who can show others how to take a belief/theory/dream and turn it into their reality. She practices living in the moment and is truly grateful for all of the circumstances and people who God has put onto her path. She resides in Long Island, New York with her wonderfully supportive husband, Tommy, and their three children. Her proudest role will always be always be that of a mom to their kids, Julia, Anthony and Angelina.


Tom Martin - Coordinating Producer/Public Relations

Tom Martin has spent more than two decades in the fields of network news production and broadcast public relations prior to establishing Tom Martin Media, LLC.. At ABC News, CBS News, and CNN Tom worked with some of the top names in the field of television news including Diane Sawyer, Charles Gibson, Charlie Rose, and Charles Kuralt. He has produced stories for "Good Morning America," CBS "Sunday Morning," and created a weekly 30-minute biographical show titled "Movers." Tom has collaborated with Paul McCartney, Sting, Paul Newman, Steven Spielberg, Tony Robbins, Miles Davis and Wynton Marsalis to name a few. Through his independent firm, Tom now offers highly-personalized public relations services and video production, specifically tailored for individual clients with a special emphasis on empowerment and personal growth. In addition to representing a number of authors and professional speakers. Tom is also developing a half-hour cooking show and also collaborating with Jack Canfield's "Transformational Leadership Council" on strategies for creating empowering video content for distribution online. Tom's mission is to help others express their individual stories with maximum effectiveness, and touch the lives of others in a powerful and lasting way. He is the proud father of two young children -- Lindsay and Eric -- and lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

(203) 297-2137

Russ Camarda - Director

Russ has been a professional director/actor/acting coach/cinematographer and editor for the past 18 years. In the theatre, he has performed in and directed everything from dinner theater to Williams, Miller, Shakespeare and a range of things in between. Behind the camera he has produced everything from commercials to feature length films. In Film and other Media, Russ' company Acting Gym Media produces independent film, television commercials and corporate industrial films. In the past 3 years, Russ produced and/or directed several independent feature films. He directed and produced "Lower Than The Angels" based on an award winning stage play won Best Feature Film at the Long Island BF Film Festival in 2006 and is currently seeking distribution. In 2007 he directed and produced, an original thriller entitled "Night For Day" A project now in the final stages of post production. Russ also is also co-producing a feature length comedy shot in 2007 entitled "The Video Guys" also in post production.
In 2005 Russ also shot, co-produced and edited the feature documentary "Come Hell or High Water" filmed in New Orleans in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina The thrust of what Russ tries to communicate to casts crew and audience is- the service to story. What is the story you are there to tell? What is your function in telling it and how best can it be heard and felt truthfully?


Gregory N. Bonasera - Music Supervisor

Gregory N. Bonasera studied at the Institute of Audio Research under the tutelage of Al Grundy, who was the president of the Audio Engineering Society. He then studied at the Berkley College of Music. He has performed with various bands that have headlined as well as backed up groups such as Jeff Lorber, Gil Scott-Heron, Larry Coryell and Stuff. Playing in many genre of music from rock to jazz, Greg loves to improvise. After listening to him perform in the 1980's with Razz, an original jazz/rock band at a Huntington, New York club, Billy Joel complimented Greg on his musical talent. He currently owns a state of the art digital recording studio in Stony Brook, NY where he records local artists as well as his own projects. Greg's experience has mostly been in performing, mixing and editing audio. He currently is working with Black Rose Productions which publishes music of up and coming artists. His vision is to focus on artists whose music is inspirational and uplifting.

Greg's two children Nicholas and Alexander continue the family tradition by studying music and video production