What's this exciting energy and buzz surrounding "My Wish" all about?

Let's get real! We can all have a dream, but how would we realistically incorporate it into our daily lives? How would we make it really work? We have responsibilities, jobs and families. How do we take that first step in creating an excitement about life that make us feel like we can't wait to jump out of bed in the morning?

In the documentary, "My Wish", we share in the journey of a typical suburban woman, Donna Sirianni, as she attempts to make her dream a reality. Throughout her life, Donna always thought about becoming a successful film/TV actress and producer - now she is committing to it! She wants the capability to contribute and create projects that send thought provoking, exciting, positive messages to the world, in order to inspire and change the lives of millions! However, she has absolutely no idea how she is actually going to get there! How is she possibly going to balance her responsibility to her family, schedule time to work on her dream, and keep her emotions focused in a peak state? Her thoughts and circumstances are captured on film, in unprecedented real time, along with inputs from everyday people and leaders in our society. By the end of "My Wish", we will be able to work our way backward, connecting the dots as to who was placed in Donna's path to guide her, the risks that were taken, and the opportunities created - all which will hopefully have led her to realizing her dream!

There are numerous "Oprah" talk show discussions, an array of best-selling books, worldwide seminars, and radio shows recognizing the worldwide spiritual paradigm shift in humanity. Millions of people around the world are engaged in conversations on topics such as gratitude, the law of attraction, visualization, focus, risk taking, and finding joy in your life's journey. It is said that you are the creator of your experience. In "My Wish", Donna sets out to apply these concepts to see how they might bring her closer to realizing her dream! The time is now to start seeing examples of ordinary people utilizing these ideas, in order to manifest extraordinary realities! The production team of "My Wish" believes that you will come away from this experience inspired, excited and committed to taking action in creating your own dreams! Come and take this fun and fascinating journey with us!