To help raise money in order to film the rest of "My Wish"… (remember… I am truly starting from scratch here like I talk about in the trailer, so if you can, I'd love for you to be part of this movie with me from the ground up)… I'd like to take a unique grassroots approach in getting everyone who believes in this film and in themselves to be part of the process. I am producing "My Wish" the movie with the intent of getting everyone who watches it, to become inspired in taking their first step to incorporate their dream into their lives… making it a reality… not a "dream" anymore!

Here is an excerpt from our press release to explain:

To raise funds for the next level of financing, Donna Sirianni Enterprises is taking the unique step of asking those who have responded so enthusiastically to the "My Wish" promotional video, and who believe that this film has the potential to change countless lives for the better, to make a small contribution, which will go entirely to the final funding of the film. The names of these contributors will be added to the ending credits of the movie. They will also receive a complimentary "My Wish" session with a "Dream Coach" so they can talk about their dream and get some advice on taking the first step to making it a reality.

"I'm really excited about the idea of including others in this project because it takes the audience and instantly makes them a real part of making this movie actually happen. And I feel great about the coaches I've approached who are willing to give up their time and contribute to these wonderful people's lives. Not only will these contributors be playing an important role in delivering this inspiring message to others, but the coaching program will give them the support they need to achieve their own dream. The film is something much bigger than me, and I can already envision it making a positive worldwide impact… so I feel comfortable in asking for help. I want to make "My Wish" an "us" thing rather than a "me" thing", says Sirianni. "I want the audience sitting in the theatre watching "My Wish" to be saying to themselves "Yes! I am a part of this movie! …as Donna has been going for her dream… so have I!", says Sirianni.


We need $400,000 to finish the movie (this includes licensing fees for some very popular songs we'd like to have in the movie). So… if we can get just 4,000 people to contribute $100 each… we can finish up this film and get it distributed worldwide! 100% of the $100 is going DIRECTLY to filming the movie. As a big THANK YOU and to have you become part of this "My Wish" movement even more… we will:

  1. HOW to incorporate your dream into your life!
  2. Or if you are already going for your dream, HOW to make it even more fulfilling!
  3. Or if you don't have a dream… they will help you figure out how to GET one!

At the end of your "Wish Session" (and I told them it's okay since they are already willingly donating countless hours of their wonderful time and services to you and the film), they will politely ask you if you want to continue on with them in one of their programs… if you do, a percent of the fee will STILL go to the funding of "My Wish" the movie. Of course, the decision it TOTALLY up to you! No pressure… I am NOT into that at all! …But if you feel they would add value in helping you pursue your dream, and you can do it… I figured… why not?

In any case, I think this whole Funding-Coaching experience will benefit all involved and I am really excited about it! You guys get to have your name/business in the credits AND discuss your dream with a "Dream Coach" so you can really participate in what the film's message is all about - making your dream a reality! The "Dream Coaches" get to connect with a whole bunch of new terrific people and do what they chose to do for a living… help people pursue their dreams! …and "My Wish" the movie will be able to finish filming and hopefully inspire people worldwide to step up and get moving on what they TRULY want to be doing with their lives! …and YOU will have helped to be responsible for that! This way I know it's not just ME going for my dream - it's ALL OF US TOGETHER!!! I love that!!!

CLICK HERE to be part of the "MY WISH" Funding/Coaching Experience!!!